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Bashar alassads brother promoted to major general for. Hamza alkhateeb became the poster child of syrias revolution when a youtube video. Barbara walters interviewing syrian president bashar. And thats true for every country in the world, and is the only general rule that works all the time.

President bashar alassad full interview with barbara walters from abc news 07122011. Waad alkateab joined the civil uprising in 2011 shortly after graduating with a degree in. New rare pictures have emerged of maher alassad, the famous younger brother of syrian president bashar alassad. Syrias voice of conscience has a message for the west. Watch exclusive interview with syrian president bashar al assad jul 2016 by wrath0fkhan. Fortythreeyearold asma al assad married al assad in 2000, shortly after he became president. In 2008, while living in damascus, i attended a performance of an adaptation of one of. Full interview president bashar al assad with barbara walters from abc news. Abcs the viewlindsay lohan disses barbara walters for jay leno and barbara is pissed. Hundreds of emails from syrian president bashar assads office were leaked on monday. The syrian president has yet to offer an official response to the ambassador, and it remains to be seen whether he will do so at all, given the recent series of contradictory statements coming out of the white house regarding us syria policy however, with. Thank god its over, said al assad, who started the treatment on august 8, 2018.

A leading member of the syrian opposition has threatened president assad, his british wife and three children with a bloody gaddafiesque end. Syrias bashar alassad feels no guilt over crackdown. Protesters demand reforms, the ouster of president bashar alassad, allowing. Barbara walters, the grande dame of american television news, was forced to apologise on. Bashar hafez alassad was born in damascus on 11 september 1965, the second oldest son of anisa makhlouf and hafez alassad. President bashar al assad filmed driving himself to the syrian civil wars front line duration. President bashar alassad interview with barbara walters. Syrias bashar assad visits recaptured christian village. Bashar alassad facts and information important points.

Meanwhile, the west continues to push for a resolution. Syrian president bashar assad speaks with abc news anchor barbara walterscredit. Syrian president bashar assad has denied ordering his troops to kill peaceful demonstrators, telling the u. France says powers must impose transition on syrians, no. Barbara walters interview with syrias president bashar alassad. Barbara walters discusses her exclusive interview with syrias president. He is hiding in the bunker in his villa, he is clinically dead, isolated. I have never met him, but i did have one memorable experience that gave me a glimpse. The true story documentary film whats really going on in syria. The second son of former president hafez alassad, he has continued the legacy of his fathers brutal rule of syria. Bashar alassad biography childhood, life achievements. Assad chemical bombs barbara walters in an abc interview. Bashar alassad, born september 11, 1965, damascus, syria, syrian president from 2000. Jaafari also stressed that facebook and youtube are important to the american.

Bashar alassad, columbia university, haya dweidary. But since march 2011, his rule over syria has been under threat. Rob wallaceabc barbara walterss interview with president bashar alassad of syria in december. Barbara walters landed an exclusive interview with alassad with the. Barbara walters interview with syrias president bashar al. Barbara walters discusses brutal crackdown of protests with syrias president. Barbara walters abc interview with president bashar asad. Barbara walters apologizes for helping aide to assad of. Assads tv interview with walters was memorable for his repeated denials that syrian. Jaafari also stressed that facebook and youtube are important to the. Columbia university under fire for admitting shererazad jafaari. War in syria bashar alassad documentary 20 hd 1080p. Barbara walters interview with syrias president bashar al assad. Assad says chemical weapons attack was fabricated video.

Full interview president bashar alassad with barbara walters from abc news. Syrian president assad denies giving orders to kill. Watch exclusive interview with syrian president bashar alassad jul 2016 by wrath0fkhan. Independent and unofficial page houses the latest news, photos and articles about syrias president bashar al assad. The syrian president sat down for a 2011 interview with abcs barbara walters to discuss how he treats protesters in his country. A question that remains unanswered by those entrusted. President bashar alassad world, politics air date 090920 syrian president assad on chemical weapons, potential u. Bashars brilliant response to us ambassador haleys.

Barbara walters apologises over links to syrian aide of bashar al. Bashar alassads uncle faces embezzlement trial in paris rifaat alassad is accused of embezzling syrian funds to buy property worth at least 90m in france published. Generous france says tackle al assad and islamic state to solve migrant crisis. Get youtube premium get youtube tv best of youtube music. The battle of aleppo ended three years ago with bashar alassad strangling the rebels supply line. Bashar al assad destroys barbara walters by incorporatedops. Bashar assad emails leaked, tips for abc interview revealed haaretz. The following is the transcript of the interview abcs barbara walters conducted with syrian president bashar alassad. In the months after her exclusive interview last year with president bashar al. Assads itunes emails show music taste from chris brown to. Bashar alassad is the president of syria, having taken over from his fathers 3 decade rule.

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