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Famke janssons role as jean grey in the xmen movies required a. At the denver comiccon, janssen made remarks that seem to suggest her time is done. Wolverine xmen origins game is one of my favorite games comic book characters, comic. Jean grey xmen comic book heroes action figures for sale. Famke janssen needed to do a lot of research for xmen. Famke janssen thinks she is definitely done playing jean.

However, sophie turner seems to be currently inhabiting the role. Famke janssen, best known for playing jean grey in the marvel hit movie xmen got her faced botched, with bad plastic surgery. I know it is last minute and the deadline is going to be coming up really soon. Famke janssen enjoys a stroll in the park amid coronavirus. Famke janssen was born november 5, 1964, in amstelveen, the netherlands, and has two other siblings. Famke beumer janssen is a wonderful artist with a magical brace in her expressions and dialogue delivery. Xmen is a must see,it is about a man named xavier,that started a school for kids with special abilities that. As it stands, sophie turner is playing jean in the xmen franchise. Hugh jackman is back as the one and only wolverine. As 20th century fox gears up to retell the dark phoenix saga with its first class cast in xmen. Once i got the audition, i went into a little comic book store in new york. Parts of the iconic comic book storyline were already adapted for the 2006 superhero movie xmen.

Famke janssen in nyc famke janssen photos photos famke janssen in nyc zimbio see more. Famke janssen was glimpsed braving the cold for some takeaway on a snowy saturday in new york city. Famke janssen jean grey in xmen discusses why the first xmen film felt like an indie movie and how it grounded the superheroes as flawed humans. Famke janssen as jean grey and hugh jackman as wolverine. Featuring a group shot of the xmen as portrayed by the actors in the 1st movie halle berry as storm, james marsden as cyclops, famke janssen as jean grey, patrick stewart as professor x, and hugh jackman as wolverine. Game of thrones is nearing its conclusion, and for some, it cant come soon enough. Brian singer and marvel took a huge risk retelling the chris claremontjohn byrne era comic hall of fame stories, and clearly the high risk high reward philosophy paid off. This movie is based on marvel comic books,just like superman,spiderman,and so on. Psylocke of the xmen and the marvel comic universe. Im a terrible liar, janssen told me yesterday on a break from shooting. She has worked for goldeneye in xenia onatopp 1995, jean gray phoenix in xmen 20002014, ava moore in nip tuck and lenore mills in taken 20082014. Famke janssen on her directorial debut, the xmen films, and taken 2.

How a comic banned by bryan singer led to the wolverine. Famke janssen, who played the incredibly powerful jean grey and even stronger phoenix, responded coyly when asked by mtv if there was a possibility shed return to. Feb 28, 2019 famke janssen, best known for playing jean grey in the marvel hit movie xmen got her faced botched, with bad plastic surgery. The comic book wolverine was much shorter and beastly. Days of future past and famke janssen hints at upcoming news about her potential return as the phoenix.

Famke janssen was just added to the con and is a really rare signature. Although its not an actual xmen comic, the first appearance of the hugely important character, wolverine, has to be mentioned here. Were a bit surprised that famke janssen didnt let it slip that she shot a surprise cameo in xmen. Bringing up bobby, whose limited release intentionally coincides with taken 2s prerelease publicity, marks. While we are talking about famke janssen beauty, skills, and professional life, we want to now take you on a ride through a famke janssen bikini photo gallery. The last stand ended with her demise, much like patrick stewarts professor x, but as in the comics books, theres no such thing as true death in the xmen universe and since the story of days of future past deals with time travel, there are easy ways to tell another story in a different period in. Pms and offers are welcome, but the first in this thread controls. Jan 31, 2020 yes, famke janssen is a very sexy woman and famke janssens bra and breast size prove that famke janssen can carry off any dress in style. May 12, 2016 actress famke janssen rose to fame with iconic roles like jean grey in the xmen movies and the taken trilogy with liam neeson. Stay tuned patrick stewart already teased his return for xmen. Janssen first starred in 1988 commercial for perfumes as her beginning in modeling. Janssen played femme fatale xenia onatopp in 1995s goldeneye where she costarred. Why famke janssen exited xmen movie franchise us weekly.

Famke janssen talks xmen movies, blacklist spinoff today. The xmen first appeared in the selftitled xmen comic, cover dated september 1963. And famke janssen stepped out for some fresh air as she watched dogs play in a pen during a stroll in her local park in new york city on tuesday afternoon. Its been nothing but a pleasure working not just as jean grey. Due to the xmens immense popularity, marvel has launched dozens of spinoff series, called xlegs, throughout the years like uncanny xmen, most xbooks feature mutants. The writing has been on the wall for a while that famke janssen would not be playing jean grey again in the xmen movies, something the actress has now confirmed at a recent convention appearance. Jean grey is a fictional comic book superheroine appearing in comic books published by marvel comics. The dutch actor, who starred as psychic mutant jean grey in three xmen. I am going to be facilitating calgary comic expo at the end of the month. Famke janssen thinks her days as jean grey are over. Famke janssen approves xmen redoing dark phoenix indiewire. Up for sale are the signature series books appearing below signed by famke janssen, the actress who played jean greyphoenix in the xmen movies.

Janssen, like many fans, feels that the dark phoenix plot was not given enough time in the last stand xmen. Later, taking a break from modeling, she attended columbia university, majoring in literature. Xmen actress hopes dark phoenix fixes the last stand mistakes. This modelturnedactress broke into hollywood in the early 1990s. Famke janssen spoke candidly about her departure from the xmen movie franchise in an exclusive interview with us weekly get the details.

Famke janssen thinks shes done with xmen screen rant. Famke janssen believes shes done playing jean grey in the. The xmen comic series became the cornerstone of marvels success in the late 70s and 80s and ultimately their crown jewel as viewed today. Famke janssen as telekinetic jean grey, halle berry as weathercontrolling storm, and james.

Dark phoenix, famke janssen has been talking about her time as jean grey in the xmen series during. Jean grey phoenix famke janssen the chick wolverine. So, we have also gathered a few famke janssen bikini and swimsuit featuring famke janssens face and body pictures as well. Extras from this episode robert kirkmans secret history of comics. Famke janssen played jean grey for the first three xmen films before also popping up in the wolverine and days of future past.

X2 official souvenir movie magazine 2003 is published by titan magazines. Jean grey, a mutant with telepathic and telekinetic abilities, in the three blockbuster xmen films. She played xenia onatopp in goldeneye 1995, jean grey phoenix in the xmen film series 20002014, ava moore on niptuck, and lenore mills in the taken film trilogy 20082014. The goldeneye star, who played jean grey in the original xmen film trilogy and beyond, doesnt expect to return to xaviers school for the gifted. Dec 5, 2019 the phoenix aka jean grey, jean greysummers, marvel girl. Salt lake city, utah abc4 utah actress famke janssen was announced as a guest for salt lake comic con 2016. Xmen is a 2000 american superhero film directed by bryan singer and written by david hayter from a story by singer and tom desanto. Famke janssen jean grey in x movies signing sigseries. The character is present for much of the xmens history. Cyclops or wolverine xmen actress famke janssen and her fans choose.

Although many believe famke janssen will make a cameo in the upcoming the wolverine, shes not going to be the one to spill the beans when asked by mtv news about her recent visit to australia, janssen said she had no idea what the interviewer was talking about, and she played only a little less coy about her potential involvement in either the wolverine or xmen. Also included are interviews with director bryan singer, actors patrick stewart, ian mckellen, and famke janssen. Jean elaine grey is a fictional superhero appearing in american comic books published by marvel comics. Famke janssen sexy pictures prove that she is an angel. The 55yearold xmen star made sure to keep her pale purple face mask and her gloves on. In 1991, a second, companion series debuted, marking the first time that more than one xmen series would be published.

Famke janssen keeps her mask on as she steps out to grab. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at. This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest famke janssen bikini pictures that will. Janssen is best known for her roles as jean grey in the xmen movies, lenore miles in the taken series, ava moore in niptuck and olivia godfrey in hemlock grove. She is a dutch actress, director, screenwriter, and former fashion model. Xmen star famke janssen coming to salt lake comic con 2016. City of heroes explores how the 911 terrorist attacks in new york fundamentally changed how comic books are written and superheroes are portrayed. Toy biz 2000 xmen the movie famke janssen jean grey marvel action figure 49749. But theres a substantially more brighteyed janssen in theaters as well, albeit not in front of the camera.

Famke janssen on xmen robert kirkmans secret history. Original jean grey actress famke janssen happy to see dark phoenix. Xmen star famke janssen would consider returning as jean grey. Actress famke janssen who portrayed phoenix, aka jean grey, in the original xmen movies believes that the upcoming dark phoenix can fix the mistakes of the storytelling that happened with her character in xmen. The last stand, but didnt have much to say in the latter half of that movie. Xmen star famke janssen gets botched plastic surgery mto. Xmen star famke janssen gets botched plastic surgery. The hottest images and pictures of famke janssen are truly epic. Original jean grey actress famke janssen happy to see dark. Famke janssen on her directorial debut, the xmen films. Moving to america in the 1980s, she modeled for chanel in new york. Famke janssen the xmen actress discusses why the first film felt like an indie movie and how it grounded the superheroes as. Original jean greyphoenix actor famke janssen believes that her time in.

Janssen explains she loves playing jean grey, but she doesnt think a return is in her future. Best of comic books everything about comic books and. I think were done, but it was really great while it lasted and it lasted for a long time. July 4, 2017 july 4, 2017 anthony r lacy 0 comments original jean grey actress famke janssen featured at denvers comic con recently and had the chance to reminisce over her portrayal of the iconic character. See above for prices on those two important bronze age comics. The xmen icon, 55, used a handkerchief and her knitted cream cardigan to cover her face as a form of protection against covid19. At denver comiccon, janssen reflected on her role as jean and her alter ego, the ethereal dark phoenix, and revealed that her time in the xmen franchise has drawn to a close. The xmen are a team of superheroes appearing in american comic books published by the marvel comics.

The film is based on the marvel comics superhero team of the same name and features an ensemble cast consisting of patrick stewart, hugh jackman, ian mckellen, halle berry, famke janssen, james marsden, bruce davison, rebecca romijn. Xmen actress famke janssen does jean grey a favor and finally chooses between cyclops and wolverine. Oct 19, 2017 famke janssen spoke candidly about her departure from the xmen movie franchise in an exclusive interview with us weekly get the details. Famke janssen thinks she is done with the xmen films. Variety caught up with famke janssen who first appeared as jean way back in the franchises opening installment, 2000s xmen and asked if shed like to come back as the telepathic.

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